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Software: p-server

Ruby Application Server

I wrote the p-server to provide a very fast low level application server that processes socket connections (including http). It's fast, light, multithreaded and maintains persistent, pooled connections to mysql, mongodb and memcached to enhance performance scalability. The p-server is still in use at the core of the Outspoken SMS/MMS service, and handles hundreds of millions of requests each month. The p-server is written in straight ruby with very few dependencies on gems or even Ruby class libraries.
The p-server is serving the page you are looking at right now!

p-server on Github

Patent US 8457661 B2 (June 4, 2013)

Methods and systems for transmitting video messages to mobile communication devices

I worked with a company patent attorney to file (in 2007) for a patent covering aspects of the Mogreet MMS video platform. After several years the patent was granted (Jun 4, 2013), and is now referenced by other patents filed by IBM, Google, and others. Pretty cool!

Google Patents Reference

The Mogreet API system


I designed and documented the set of SMS, MMS, and video APIs, then worked with a few guys at Mogreet to build and implement the API platform, the developer web site, and all the API documentation. I then became the Developer Evangelist for the program, and still help developers (over 1600 and counting as of 2014) implement and use the APIs.

Mogreet Developer APIs

Film Credit

Paramount Studios 'The Real Barnyard Animals'

I was one of a number of Technical Directors working on this project. We helped build a technical pipeline to organize the modeling, textureing, lighting animating and rendering work of the 200+ artists who worked on the film.
IMDB entry for the Barnyard

IMDB Credits for Anthony

Book: Inside Softimage

1998, New Riders Publications

The folks at New Riders Publications approached me at Siggraph 1996 and asked me if I would be interested in writing a book on professional 3D software. The final work was 760 pages, full color, hard cover, and eventually was published in Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Polish and probably a few other languages. It was the first in what became a genre of how-to books about high end 3D animation software.

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Software: Mes-lens

Mental Ray Shader, C and C++

I wrote a streoscopic rendering (camera) shader for the mental ray rendering engine in C++ as a prototype and experiment in stereo rendering for the barnyard project. The shader had a Softimage XSI SPDL (plugin) interface.

Mes_Lens on Github